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I have always wanted my drawings to be published in a newspaper or magazine.  I never really knew how to get them out there for the public to see, and I had never thought of the computer.  When I joined FB, I saw other people’s photos, and I started thinking. Then I started experimenting with the Paint program on the computer, and my first drawing was a little bird on a branch.  I realized I could actually make pictures right on the computer!  At first, I made simple line drawings.  Later I realized that it was easier than I thought!  Suddenly I had access to technology, and I could do what I love to do, draw.  I found I had everything I needed right there on the computer—a full pallet of colors, paint brushes, everything!  No more need to mix paints or get dirty.  But it’s also risky, because I’m like a kid on a video game.  I could spend hours just drawing on my computer! 

zonaSometimes when I read the news, I feel like I need to create an image to respond to it.  Learning to draw with the Paint program has allowed me to network with my drawings, and respond publicly to issues as they occur.  I can put the pictures on a social networking site like FB, and other people can see them and respond to them.

So far, the only program I’m using is the old, old Paint program on my laptop.  I learned to use it by watching my kids when they were younger.  It’s just a basic, simple program, but it has gotten me interested, and I want to learn more about using other advanced programs on the computer that will allow me to continue to develop my digital skills.  I love the idea that I can communicate with so many people thru my images on the computer, and feel like I’m contributing something.

One day I hope to draw on a program that will allow me to publish these images in a book.


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